Lana and Lashley’s Wedding Officiant Commented On Getting Taken Down By WWE Security On Raw

The big story coming out of Monday night’s episode of WWE Raw wasn’t the return of The Big Show, or Brock Lesnar announcing that he’s entering the Royal Rumble match at number one; it was the actor who played the marriage officiant in the Lana and Bobby Lashley wedding rolling into the ring too early and getting beaten down by arena security.

In case you missed it, New York based actor Rick Malone hit the ring after an AJ Styles vs. Akira Tozawa match to prepare for the second Lashley and Lana wedding segment in seven days. Security didn’t know he was an extra for the show, though, and wrangled him to the ground. Raw went to commercial, and when they came back, announcer Vic Joseph had to meekly explain what’d happened. “That is the gentleman who was attempting to get in the ring before the break!”

On his personal Facebook page, Malone commented on the incident and shared a fan-filmed clip of him finally being able to convince security he was supposed to be there. Thank goodness a lady ran out and handed him a Holy Bible prop.

This is what happened tonight at WWE/RAW: I needed to get into the ring in order to consummate the “Bobby Lashley and Lana Wedding” (which was totally disrupted last Monday night in Hartford CT), but security prevented me, so I had no other choice but to dive into the ring headfirst. Security was not pleased! But the married couple was very happy!

A report from PWInsider described the situation as, “some sort of breakdown in communication,” which is pretty clear. Malone would later joke that, “Oh, that didn’t end so well!” and, “Obviously not my best camera angle!” on pictures from the incident.