Pete Davidson Takes On Hulk Hogan’s Sex Tape And Ends Up Revealing Too Much About Himself

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Pete Davidson returns to Weekend Update, this time to give his youth perspective on the saga of the Hulk Hogan sex tape trial and what it means for the world. But this segment doesn’t so much take on Hogan as it does reveal a lot about Davidson and some of the other folks at the Weekend Update desk. There’s also some truth about Thunderlips being laid out here, so take notice.


All Davidson really wants is get hooked up with some of that sweet sex tape money. He’s made his own sex tape and he doesn’t even need $140 million. Toss a few grand his way and things will be fine. His reasoning is solid too, especially if you’ve ever spent any time in New York.

There’s likely a lot more to hit on Hogan for than just Thunderlips, obviously. Rocky III is more well know, but Suburban Commando or Mr. Nanny are far worse. Then you have Hogan’s hip hop career, Thunder in Paradise, and his decision to sign on for Santa With Muscles. Not even the film itself, just the decision to thrust it into existence. And then there’s also Pastamania, which was essentially a restaurant that sold Spaghetti-Os.


(Via SNL)

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