Our Conversation With Poppy: Musician, Religious Leader, And WWE NXT’s Next Breakout Star

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01.30.19 18 Comments

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Earlier this month, WWE surprised a very specific and niche (but wonderful) corner of the Internet and youth culture when they announced one of the theme songs for the then-upcoming NXT TakeOver: Phoenix event would be ‘X’ by Poppy. Those of us in the know responded with giant exclamation points above our head. Those who didn’t asked, “what the hell is a Poppy?”

Poppy’s side of the announcement created further questions:

That’s what makes us such fans of the artist: all those further questions. For anyone in the know, Poppy is an ongoing art project that satirizes youth culture and multimedia online obsession by, uh, being an instantly likable and completely bizarre pop personality who makes legitimately great modern pop music. It’s a creative Ouroboros of sincerity that comes around and eats itself, but somehow maintains its integrity.

With ‘X,’ Poppy leaned into a heavier sound that made her WWE pay-per-view friendly. Somehow. What passing fans may not realize is that the Poppy empire leaking into sports-entertainment was almost an inevitability; she’s everywhere. She just released an album and is already prepping to release the next one. She’s an international face of Sanrio. She runs a church. She’s telling her origin story in a graphic novel. She’s got a movie playing Sundance. There’s just … so much going on.

We had a moment to talk to Poppy in real life, and here’s what we learned. Also, we may now be formally indoctrinated.

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