Could A Couple Of Shining Stars Be On Their Way Out Of WWE?

If you’ve watched WWE television within the last five or six years, you’ve likely seen some permutation of the tag team of Primo and Epico Colón. They may be best known as Los Matadores, or as the guys who know that Puerto Rico has a lot of interesting flora and night life.

Super Luchas is reporting a “strong rumor” that the Colóns have requested their release from WWE, and are hoping to make a return to Puerto Rico to wrestle for WWC, which is of course owned by the Colón family.

Unlike a lot of other, similar rumors, this one suuuuure seems like it has a lot of smoke to the fire. For example, there is suddenly an Orlando Colón Pro Wrestling Tees store. That uh … that doesn’t tend to happen with full-time contracted WWE wrestlers unless they have Legends contracts or some other unorthodox deal with WWE (U.K. guys, I’m talking about you here). What’s more, WWC’s official Twitter account has retweeted the rumor, which is … something that doesn’t happen very often.

It makes sense that the Colóns would be interested in a change of scenery. (Particularly a change of scenery that would include a return to the shining star of the Caribbean!) Primo has been signed to WWE since 2008, Epico since 2010, and the two have been a tag team in WWE since 2011(!). They’ve had their ups and downs and their share of success, but ever since Los Matadores split from El Torito, things haven’t been real great.

After turning on Torito, the Colóns were off television for nearly seven months, then repackaged as the Shining Stars, two Puerto Rico enthusiasts who only appeared in vignettes for another two months. The Shining Stars never saw any real success, and while they picked up a few wins since moving to Smackdown and being renamed The Colóns, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of room for them in the tag scene … or in WWE in general, right now.

We’ll certainly keep you posted as this news develops.