Which Pro Wrestlers Believe The Earth Is Flat?: An Investigation


Flat Earth philosophy has gained the attention of the general public over the past few years. Rapper B.O.B. feuded with Neil deGrasse Tyson about its flaws and merits via diss tracks. NBA player Kyrie Irving rejects the idea that the Earth is round, as well.

Several professional wrestlers have also revealed themselves to be flat-Earthers … or have they? Who is trolling? Who is a true believer? Who is just open to conspiracy theories in general? I investigated this so you don’t have to, and this article shares the results of my research.

Before we begin, here are some articles that outline evidence for the Earth being round, in case you want to review. Do we all feel prepared for the counter-arguments? Cool, let’s get to these wrestlers and their opinions!

AJ Styles


Current WWE Champion AJ Styles was memorably accused by Daniel Bryan of being a flat-Earther on Talking Smack in early 2017 (as always, R.I.P. Talking Smack, gone before its time.) Styles thought he got out of the conversation by retorting that Bryan has flat feet, but was forced to address the topic when Bryan said, “The Earth is a sphere.”

“I’m not a flat-Earther,” Styles said, “I’m just saying there’s some things about it that make sense. I don’t think you can handle it. That’s pretty much it.”

The internet pretty much lost its collective mind over this, and people have been calling Styles a flat-Earther ever since. However, Styles addressed the topic a few weeks later on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast and said he’s more concerned about people questioning what NASA tells them because NASA is global rather than American, and they make a lot of money off of the information they spread. So … he might be a flat-Earther.

Flip Gordon

Ring of Honor

ROH wrestler, 2018 Best of the Super Juniors competitor, and possible Bone Soldier 2.0 Flip Gordon came out as a flat-Earther on Twitter.

(Gordon is an active duty member of the National Guard, in case you couldn’t tell from his whole gimmick and most of his merch.)

Flip Gordon expounded on his beliefs when questioned by Cageside Seats:

I got booed out of the building the last two nights because of flat Earth. It’s just an idea. I’ve read up, I did some research. A lot of people don’t do research. They’re just like ‘it’s round’ because that’s what we’ve been told since we were little kids, so we believe it. But there are some things about the flat Earth theory that make sense.

And as mad as people on the internet have gotten on at Flip about this, no one has gotten madder than Cody. Flip’s unconventional beliefs may actually be part of the reason he still isn’t booked for All In, as the former Rhodes told him, “You’re still not booked, Flip. And the Earth is f*cking round” on an episode of Being The Elite.

In an interview with Wrestling Inc., though, Gordon finally, definitively answered the burning question, do you seriously believe the Earth is flat??? “Yes and no. Flip Gordon believes that the Earth is flat because he is a Twitter troll. Travis [his real name] does not, no.”

That … was some successful trolling, Flip. Well done. I was among the many who got worked.

Possibly as a cause or result of turning back babyface, it looks like Wrestling Character Flip Gordon may be coming around to the whole “round Earth” thing as well.

Chris Jericho

New Japan World

When I saw the April 12 episode of Talk Is Jericho was titled “Flat Earth Philosophy with David Weiss” I was shocked. First Chris Jericho does a great heel turn in WWE, then a surprise great heel turn in New Japan, then teases a potentially awesome New Japan feud with Naito, then shows up at Raw 25, then doesn’t show up in WWE or NJPW and just tours with his dad rock band, and now he’s a flat-Earther? How does Y2J find the time?

It turns out Jericho is probably not a flat-Earther, but he is very open to learning about conspiracy theories. Throughout the interview with Weiss, who hosts the Flat Earth Podcast and has a youtube channel called Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole, Jericho asks his guest probing, respectful questions, and asks him to “justify” many of his claims. Here are some of the replies he gets:

  • “If you truly look into what we believe about the globe, you will find out that it is nonsense.”
  • You can test things to see if they work on a flat Earth, ball Earth, or both, and no test works on only a ball Earth.
  • The scientific method is not used in ball Earth theory.
  • Pictures of the Earth from space are all fake, which you can prove using Photoshop.
  • Things like ships going over the horizon and sunsets seem to reveal a curvature to the Earth because of “atmosphere and humidity levels.”
  • When Jericho says you can see the horizon is curved, Weiss replies, “Your programming has made your mind see a sphere, when really you’re seeing a flat circle.”
  • “The sun is not a physical object. The sun that we see is a reflection or a projection of the real sun.”
  • “The sun is like a giant Tesla coil and it is lighting up the moon.”
  • We’re told the Earth is round from birth because the ruling elite families who know where we really live don’t want us to realize our true potential; “we are incredibly powerful spiritual beings… [they] keep us in fear with all these false flags.”
  • There are other human beings in “runaway civilizations.”
  • “NASA was put into existence when they discovered that there is a barrier in Antarctica… That was when the Antarctic Treaty came in.”
  • “Flat Earth is the biggest secret of the elite. This is the most important thing to keep us depowered.” You heard it on Talk Is Jericho, folks! Ball Earth theory is a Superkick Party to your brain!

I had to cut many bullet points from this list to keep this article from being ridiculously long, but you get the picture!

While Jericho seems to believe the Earth is round, he doesn’t believe the moon landing “happened how they say it happened.” He questions what we’re told about the moon landing because it seems we should have cities, etc., on the moon by now. (NASA says fiscal challenges have largely stopped them from achieving their goals beyond landing on the moon since 1969.)

Jericho concludes the podcast saying, “So much information to get you thinking!” He says he likes having guests like Weiss on because they sincerely believe what they’re saying, which makes for a great interview, and “it’s more about questioning everything for yourself, and not just believing everything that you’re told.”

Juventud Guerrera, Konnan, and Disco Inferno


On Keepin’ It 100 with Konnan, former WCW wrestlers had a spirited debate about the roundness or flatness of the Earth which spanned several months. The wrestlers: Juventud Guerrera, Disco Inferno, and Konnan.

The saga began when Inferno bluntly asked Guerrera whether he believes the Earth is flat. Juvie says he originally thought flat Earth theory was stupid, but “I do really think something is not right in the way we’ve been growing up, and we’ve been educated about this … I think now that there’s some research [that supports flat Earth theory.]” He adds that “Gravity is not scientifically proven; it is a theory … We believe in something that is not a fact.”

Disco asks the incredible follow-up question of if Guerrera believes we are living in a dome. Juventud matter-of-factly answers, “We’re living in a dome. Nothing can go outside of this dome.” The luchador says that YouTube videos have convinced him that this is true.

Inferno has several follow-ups for this:

  • When they flew from Atlanta, Georgia, to Japan, why did they fly through Canada and not just in a straight line?
  • If the Earth is flat, what is on the bottom of the Earth?
  • If the Earth is flat, why do we have night and day? Why isn’t it just daylight all the time? Where does the sun go?

Juventud has his own question for Disco: “If we’re flying in the universe, why don’t we crash into something?” Inferno responds, “Asteroids have definitely hit the Earth a bunch of times.”

When questioned by Konnan as to whether he believes we live in an “alternate world,” Guerrera replies sincerely, “I don’t know where we live. I think we live in basically just a Matrix, you know? And they are just testing us. I really don’t know what it believe.” But he definitely believes the Earth is flat!

Disco Inferno, as you might have guessed, was not satisfied by Juventud Guerrera’s answers. He and Konnan invite David Weiss (Jericho says his appearance here inspired him to book Weiss for TIJ) onto Episode 76 of the podcast.

This interview has a much different tone than the one Weiss had with Jericho. Weiss goes more rapidly through his various points, and Disco asks if his childhood friends who were in the Air Force and are now pilots are in on the flat Earth conspiracy. Weiss says that a pilot who came out as a flat-Earther was grounded, and Inferno laughs and says, “If you’ve got an airplane pilot that isn’t accepting common laws of physics and science, would you want them -” Weiss cuts him off and charmingly tells him not to “get triggered.”

Weiss says that some airline pilots know the Earth is flat, but some of them don’t. “Most of them don’t even look out when they’re flying; the passengers look out more than they do.”

Konnan: What do you mean they don’t look out when they’re flying? What else are they going to do?

Weiss: They play cards and crossword puzzles.

Konnan, sounding insulted on behalf of airline pilots: And some of them actually do their job.

Weiss points to the word “airplane” as proof that pilots treat the Earth like a plane (the world “aeroplane” is a synecdoche that originally just referred to the wing of the aircraft), and then talks about how “terrorism is all faked.” Disco says he will watch some of Weiss’s videos and have him back on the show for a follow-up.

Keepin’ It 100 with Konnan has Weiss back on 10 episodes later, but they don’t talk about flat Earth theory. Instead they talk about Sandy Hook and/or the then-recent Florida school shooting being false flag operations, a theory both Weiss and Disco Inferno support.

Bo Dallas


On the Talk Is Jericho episode “Conspiracy Theories with Bo Dallas,” the former NXT Champion reveals that he is not a flat-Earther, but does sincerely believe “in the Hollow Earth theory.”

Dallas supports the theory that the hollow center of our planet is home to reptilian people. These reptilians are hoarding pages of the Bible that tell stories of Jesus as a youth. Our third eye ability, which would allow us to know more “of what our reality is really about,” has been dumbed down by 1) the government putting flouride in our water, 2) reptilian people, and 3) the Illuminati. But would this trifecta be able to beat a reunited Miztourage in a six-man tag team match? Bo sadly does not address this issue.

What do you think about these theories? Are you convinced? Let us know in the comments!