Pyro Is Reportedly Returning To WWE Television

A lot of WWE fans have been annoyed for a couple of years now by the lack of pyrotechnic displays as part of Superstar entrances and other big moments. Pyro was largely left behind by the company in 2017, without an official explanation, but it was probably some combination of cost and not wanting to set the stage on fire again. In any case, those who still miss pyro apparently have something to look forward to.

WrestleVotes is reporting that pyro will return to WWE television next week. It makes sense that this fall would be the right moment for its return, between the threat of “explosive” competition and Smackdown’s big move to Fox. Now is a time when WWE wants their shows to seem like a big deal, with no costs or corners cut. I’m not even joking when I say that people like the razzle dazzle of bright lights and loud noises, and that spectacle can be what it takes to push a crowd’s excitement over the edge.

We’ll see how things look next week, but WrestleVotes says to expect pyro to once more become “a fixture on WWE TV,” so we should see plenty of it going forward.