The WWE Locker Room Surprised R-Truth For His ’50th Birthday,’ And It Was Adorable

Tuesday was WWE Superstar R-Truth’s 44th birthday — yes, he’s that old — so Roman Reigns and the WWE locker room decided to surprise him. What you’ll watch above is everyone in the show hanging out in the ring, singing ‘Happy Birthday’ with the crowd and riffing on the fact that R-Truth is immortal. I think it’s an A Portrait of Dorian Gray situation where Truth keeps getting younger while King Barrett gets older and weaker.

It’s always fun when WWE shares moments like this, where the wrestlers stop being “wrestlers” for a second and get to be human beings. They don’t even do enough of that on their reality shows, which are supposed to be about WWE stars’ real lives. Whether it’s John Cena and Sting hanging out with kids in the crowd or something as simple as the roster giving love to someone they like having around, it’s nice to remember that they’re real people. Not just reality real.

Plus, it wouldn’t be an R-Truth segment without something inexplicably ridiculous happening, so make sure you get to the end where he drops a, “Whoomp, there it is,” as a closing statement. The only thing that would’ve made it better is Truth telling everyone it’s not his birthday until next week, and Roman saying, “My bad, that’s on me. That’s on me.”

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