Racist Wrestling Gimmick Of The Week: The Life And Times Of Charles Wright Pt. 2


Last time we were here, we got acquainted with Charles Wright’s second WWE character, Kama, who, for no other reason than being┬áblack, stole Undertaker’s urn and had it melted down to a gold chain. But if you follow Wright’s career, then you know that he eventually became Kama Mustafa, joined the Nation of Domination also known as┬áThe Faction Where All Black People Went and somehow became a pimp.

The Godfather was basically the most Attitude Era character of all-time. Here’s how:

1. Catchphrases were, as the kids say, on fleek during the Attitude Era. Most guys went to the ring and tried to come up with the most memorable phrases for people to sing along to. Godfather’s phrases made zero sense. It was just a collection of jive talk that the audience repeated because YOLO. “Roll up a phatty for this pimp daddy” and “Pimping hos nationwide” and whatever the misogynistic version of Konnan’s nonsensical No Limit slang is. It didn’t matter what was said, as long as it was fun to repeat.

2. He never won, and his matches sucked. I don’t think Godfather ever won a match… I mean, I know he won the Hardcore title, but he was basically a jobber. And it didn’t matter. You think wins and losses are irrelevant now? The Attitude Era wasn’t exactly abiding by the PWI wrestler rank, either.

3. He was horrible to women.

Godfather wasn’t a pimp in the remotely cool “I wear a mink coat and make jokes about Rosie O’Donnell’s d*ckhole underwear” way. No, he’s a literal pimp who manipulates women to f*ck guys for cents on the dollar under the fake guise of protection. They’re terrible, terrible people.

And he was one of the most over babyfaces in the company. Not only does this make a little sense from a moral standpoint, it also spits in the face of wrestling history, as any black guy running around with white women used to be top-level heel heat. But I guess the crowd loved boobs more than they wanted to boo a black guy with white women, so… progress…?