Randy Orton Was Apparently Injured At A WWE Live Event

WWE Live Events seem like a bigger deal than usual in the past week, with the US Championship changing hands at MSG, and the 24/7 title changing hands even more times than usual over the weekend. For Randy Orton, Sunday night’s Live Event in Hershey PA appeared to be the wrong kind of eventful.

Multiple people in the crowd reported that Orton was injured during his match with AJ Styles, and was unable to finish. It appeared to be something to do with his knee, and he had to be helped to the back. WWE.com acknowledged the injury this morning:

Amid various unconfirmed reports that Randy Orton sustained a leg injury during a match at WWE’s Live Event in Hershey, Pa., on Sunday night, WWE.com has learned that the 13-time World Champion is undergoing a medical evaluation. The extent of any potential injuries suffered by Orton is not yet known.

WWE.com will provide updates on this developing story as they become available.

That seems pretty straightforward, if uninformative. However, the Wrestling Observer says that it’s a work.

A knee injury suffered by Randy Orton at a WWE house show Sunday night is part of a storyline that will play out on TV according to Dave Meltzer.

I have a hard time imagining a very interesting story that could come out of “I hurt my leg in Hershey,” but that would be a particularly weird thing for Dave to claim if he didn’t have a reliable source, so we’ll see. If Randy shows up on Raw with crutches and a microphone, we’ll see where it goes.