‘Rap Is Crap’ Is 15 Years Old So Let’s Reflect Upon Its Undeniable Glory

Fifteen years ago, WCW launched an angle that would pit real-life rapper Master P and his No Limit Records against a wrestling faction known as the West Texas Rednecks. The angle was a beautiful disaster as it cost Eric Bischoff his job, gave us Lee Marshall saying “bouty bouty and rowdy rowdy” and birthed the greatest music video in wrestling history. So, without further ado, here’s a look back at the “I Hate Rap” feud.

The Players

Rey Mysterio Jr. And Konnan – They partnered up because Mexico and Konnan immediately started influencing Rey to say things like “keep it real” and “get real gangsta.” They would be the guys who carried the wrestling aspect of the feud for the No Limit side.

Master P and the No Limit Soldiers – In 1998, Master P was one of the most popular rappers in the world and No Limit Records was a multimillion dollar monster. By the middle of 1999, the label was losing steam but that didn’t stop Eric Bischoff and WCW from giving Master P an alleged $200,000 per appearance.

West Texas Rednecks – Curt Hennig (aka Mr. Perfect), Barry Windham, Kendall Windham, Bobby Duncum, Jr. and Curly Bill made up the group of redneck wrestlers that were the No Limit Soldiers’ foils. Curt Hennig is from Minnesota.

Eric Bischoff – Possibly after seeing how successful WWF was with Mike Tyson, Bischoff, the guy who ran WCW, decided to get some crossover appeal. Using Ted Turner’s ridiculous budget he paid Master P an exorbitant amount of money per appearance and also signed BIG SWOLL (more on him later) for a reported half a million bucks.

Now, on to the angle.

Superbrawl 1999 – Rey Mysterio Loses His Mask And Becomes A Gangster With Konnan And Wears Really Crappy Urban Wear: All of this starts with Konnan. As part of his evolution as Mexican Gangster, Konnan started yelling out “it’s time to get BOUTY BOUTY AND ROWDY ROWDY” before all of his matches, which isn’t even what anyone actually said ever but whatever. Soon, it caught on and he was adding all sorts of slang to his vernacular.