The New Raw And Smackdown General Managers Have Been Announced

Last week’s episode of Raw featured the return of Mr. McMahon, and the announcement that Shane and Stephanie McMahon would be the acting “commissioners” of Smackdown and Raw respectively. They won’t be able to run the shows on their own, so McMahon ordered them to each pick a general manager. If they couldn’t find one, he’d pick one for them. On tonight’s episode, Shane and Stephanie made their choices.

Stephanie went first, announcing an exclusive cruiserweight division for Raw in honor of the WWE Cruiserweight Classic and introducing her pick for Raw general manager, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley.

Foley spoke about the Attitude Era, the risks he took as a performer, and wanting to take Raw into the future, “and beyond.”

Shane topped that by bringing out former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and current CWC color commentator Daniel Bryan.

If there’s one thing Raw’s been missing over the past several months, it’s Daniel Bryan YES chants. Bryan got an incredible reaction from the crowd and got a little choked up.

For once, we should be happy that the spoilers were correct.

Bryan said that he’d beaten the Authority before, and promised that together with the fans, he would do it again.

So now we’ve got Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan in charge of Smackdown, and Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley in charge of Raw. Not a bad way to start WWE Draft week.