Fox Sports Announcers Made Fun Of Rey Mysterio During His Appearance At An NFL Game

The attempted cross-promotion of Smackdown on Fox with sports on the network is going … about as well as you’d imagine.

To help, you know, promote the lucrative, multi-year deal Fox signed with WWE to bring Smackdown Live and other sports-entertainment shows to the channel beginning October 4, WWE’s been sending some of its top stars to Fox-aired sporting events across the country.

The most recent saw legendary luchador Rey Mysterio show up at the Vikings vs. Raiders game on Sunday. First of all, yes, WWE should be ashamed of not sending The Viking Raiders to the Vikings/Raiders game. Second of all, please enjoy this tactful clip that Fox Sports thought was good enough to isolate and share on Twitter:

“He’s here, look at ‘im! He’s in his uh, he’s in his mask! Like a luchador! This is like Nacho Libre!”

Yes, Rey Mysterio is “like a luchador.” You know things are going well when the sports guys are treating your top stars like baby animals and comparing them to Jack Black movies, because that’s the level of synergy we’re working with, here. You’d think at the very least, like it or not, they’re supposed to be trying to make you get interested in these guys and what they’re doing because it’s good for the network that employs them, wouldn’t you?

That’s not even the first time a real sports announcer seemingly took offense to a WWE star showing up at a non-WWE event to promote the show. Keith Olbermann posted the following about Braun Strowman’s appearance on Baseball Night In America.

I will send WWE an extra 10 bucks in an envelope care of UPROXX if the first episode of Smackdown on Fox features Keith Olbermann getting those hands.