Ric Flair Discussed Charlotte’s Recent Matches And Whether She’s In His Shadow

11.28.18 4 months ago


In an appearance on the latest episode of The Steve Austin Show, Ric Flair discussed several topics, including his recent health problems and relationships with Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes, and Ricky Steamboat. The conversation then turned to his daughter Charlotte‘s career. Austin first asked Flair if he ever thought women’s wrestling would come this far, when in his day it was viewed as “an attraction” similar to little people wrestling. Flair said,

“In the time I started, they were just an attraction, and what’s become public now is they were whooped by Moolah… and then the girls were being underpaid and being treated horribly. It was not a good deal. And of course, nobody said anything back then because you didn’t get involved. They did their thing, but whatever we were doing it was twice as hard on them because they weren’t being paid anywhere near what they were worth.”

He praised the work for Sherri Martel and Stephanie McMahon in the industry, and gave Evolution a very old school wrestler compliment, “Long Island can be a tough crowd, and they were there for every minute of it.” (Austin added, “As a babyface, you never want to make a comeback in Long Island. You just don’t.”)

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