Ric Flair Explained How His Appearance In Offset’s ‘Ric Flair Drip’ Video Came Together


If diamonds are forever, then the Nature Boy Ric Flair’s legacy will never fade nor tarnish. Unless you’ve been off of the internet for a decent stretch of time, Offset and Metro Boomin released a video for their song “Ric Flair Drip,” with a sizeable role for Flair himself in a spectacle none can match (but many will try).

The video shows the WWE Hall of Famer hanging out with some of those that he’s influenced over the years, including the rapper Offset, who dons a gorgeous Ric Flair robe in the video as well, which we got a sneak preview of on Flair’s birthday. The opulence shown in the video harkens back to the times of WCW Saturday Night, when one would see images of Flair doing the same thing as he was promoting coming to your city.

Flair spoke with Revolt TV about the video in which he described the set as more controlled than typical WWE style shoots, more direction given his way than he’s had in years. However, when it came to describing the video Flair said in reminded him of days gone by, which isn’t a bad thing.

The video felt like an authentic Ric Flair promo from the WWE, WCW days.

Those were the NWA days. [Laughs] That’s all that was. Trust me, me going “Wooo!” and dancing along, limousine riding, that was me. I didn’t have any problems doing it. So it wasn’t painful. [Laughs]

Aside from Flair taking it back to 85, the Nature Boy also described Offset as a talented guy who’s got it all going on. Flair also praised the rapper for surrounding himself with all the right people, and thinks the future is bright for them. In fact, it was Flair that reached out to Offset when it came time to shoot for the video, as both men have mutual contacts throughout both industries.

Well, I knew that he was a fan and the people I work with, a guy named Cam Fordham, reached out to him. Cam deals with many of the guys in the industry. I think they [either] reached out to Cam or the other way around, to see if I wanted to do it and I said, ‘Hell yeah.’ So I got to spend the day with [Offset] and he’s just a phenomenal young man. So respectful, so just genuine. He’s a real guy. Great music. He’s just living that life; that life that I love. [Laughs]

[Offset is] smart, he’s articulate, and he got it all going on. I think he surrounds himself with wonderful people that are genuinely interested in his career and who he is. The guy’s got so much damn talent, it would be hard to hold him back even if they tried. He’s a phenomenal guy.

As for who Flair wants to do a song with next, it might surprise a few that the two-time hall of famer said Cardi B. The world needs to hear Ric Flair on the hook for a song, and if it’s on a Cardi B song as well, then shoot … The sky might be the limit for what can be accomplished there.