Offset And Metro Boomin Get Lit With The Nature Boy Himself In Their ‘Ric Flair Drip’ Video

It’s a sign of how truly iconic wrestler Ric Flair is that I never watched wrestling growing up, still don’t know, yet I can recognize him and his ostentatious style anywhere — not to mention his legendary “Woo!” ad-lib and used-car-salesman promo pitches. So, it’s pretty incredible that Metro Boomin and Offset were able to secure his services for the video of their mega-popular song named after him from their collaborative EP with 21 Savage from last, Without Warning.

The Nature Boy does not disappoint in the video either, rocking a blue checkered sport coat and draped in diamonds to stunt at a mansion alongside his hosts. While Offset and Metro of course flex the latest fashions from Balenciaga sneakers to chunky, iced-out chains, Ric exhibits a throwback luxury look, bopping along beside the rapper-producer pair with an elegant gold chain of his own, along with a custom Jesus piece, gold Rolex and matching bracelet, and of course, Versace slippers with no socks.

To be honest, despite his advanced age, he fits right in. It would have been extremely fun to see him in the accompanying dice game scene alongside 21 Savage and the rest of Migos, but time is money, and Ric Flair’s time is probably very expensive. The final cameo, featuring his signature, rhyming “kiss stealin’, wheelin’ dealin,’ limousine ridin’, jet flyin'” monologue at the end of the video is well worth it.