Ric Flair’s First Step On The Road To Recovery Was Firing His Management

It’s been a pretty gnarly month for Ric Flair. In mid-August, the two-time WWE Hall Of Famer was admitted to the ICU of a local hospital, initially for “routine monitoring,” before being put into a medically induced coma, then having surgery on his colon. His condition was touch-and-go for a little bit, but the Nature Boy himself took to Twitter last week to remind everyone that he “ain’t dead yet, mother f*ckers.”

You’d think after a major health scare such as that, Flair would take some quiet time to reflect on life, his family and all that Tuesdays With Morrie-type stuff. Nope!

Just a few days after putting the grim reaper in the Figure Four Leg Lock, Flair announced via Twitter that he had fired his manager, Melinda Morris Zanoni, who had represented him since at least 2012, and whose company, Legacy Talent And Entertainment, also handles the likes of Mick Foley, NASCAR’s Rusty Wallace, the Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore and other celebrities.

Just 48 hours after that announcement, Flair once again used Twitter to announce his new representation, Get Engaged Media, an Atlanta-based marketing company founded in 2016 run by South Carolina rapper Bennett “Ben G” Hiott and recent college graduate Cam Fordham. Even though Flair wasn’t officially managed by the pair until now, he has worked with Get Engaged multiple times in the past, most notably for his presidential campaign with Waka Flocka Flame. So, expect more stuff like that in the future, I guess. Woooooooo?

According to the Charlotte Observer, Flair is still hospitalized in Atlanta, though judging by a new tweet this morning, he appears like he’s just about ready to walk the aisle once more:

Good luck on your recovery, Naitch.