WrestleMania 34’s Main Event Didn’t Go As Fans Expected

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For three years, Roman Reigns has waited to get back in the ring with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania.

After their original showdown at WrestleMania 31, where Lesnar introduced Reigns (and the world) to Suplex City for the very first time, Reigns left broken and beaten. It was Seth Rollins, his former Shield partner, who cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase to beat both Lesnar and Reigns, winning his first major title.

In the years that followed, Reigns and Lesnar hadn’t battled in a one-on-one match until Sunday night, when the champ held his throne and remained WWE Universal Champion. Everyone in the world assumed Reigns would win this one, as has been the rumored plan for over a year. It didn’t quite turn out that way!

Lesnar started off hot, pushing Reigns into the corner and then connecting on three consecutive german suplexes before the challenger hit two Superman punches inside the ring and one on the outside.

Lesnar slammed Reigns face first into the announce table, then wrecked him back inside the ring with suplex after suplex.

Lesnar was in control for most of the action, but Reigns kicked out of a whopping five F5s, frustrating Lesnar to the point of cusses. Lesnar took his gloves off and pounded away at Reigns’ face, busting open the challenger. Reigns recovered to hit a spear for only two before Lesnar got to his feet and hit yet another F-5 for the pinfall. Yes, six F-5s.

For Lesnar, his WWE status is unclear. UFC president Dana White has since confirmed Lesnar is returning to UFC, but there’s been no mention of how that affects WWE things for the Beast Incarnate.

Reigns, however, has taken the entire situation in stride, allowing real-life feelings to be conveyed in his promos. He’s pointed at Lesnar being a part-time guy and how that doesn’t allow younger guys to truly reach their potential.

Since winning the WWE Universal title at WrestleMania 33 over Goldberg, Lesnar has wrestled in 15 matches including his WrestleMania 34 tilt against Reigns, but for now he’ll continue his run as champion.

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