This Reimagining Of Roman Reigns’s Theme Song Is Finally The Entrance Music He Deserves

Roman Reigns isn’t a bad guy. He’s not a good guy. He’s just a big, soaking wet guy standing in front of a WWE audience asking them to love him. Or…not love him? Maybe? It’s a bit unclear, to be totally honest.

As of late, the divisive Superstar’s gimmick is more than a little lackluster, and definitely not up to the hype of his current theme song. Though this version of his entrance music lives in our hearts forever, a new offering from YouTube artist Erik Helwig/Hot Dad is making a serious play for our affections. Roman Reigns: Very Good Boy is also a much easier to understand character than “…some guy, I guess?”

You may remember the musical stylings of Hot Dad from his cool rock restylings of various WWE entrances, like The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, and a Sasha Banks song that I still listen to on a pretty regular basis.

Hot Dad has politely compiled all 23 of his Superstar theme songs into one handy-dandy album for all of your downloading needs. Maybe consider tossing him a few bucks while I figure out how to make the Dolph Ziggler theme my iPhone ringtone for the next, oh, probably forever.