This Version Of The Roman Reigns WWE Theme Might Be The Best One We’ve Ever Heard

Here at With Spandex (and UPROXX by extension), it’s our job to employ hyperbole and tout things as “the best [whatever it is] ever.” It happens enough that, realistically, it’s a top 10 that thing at best. I am not doing that here.

YouTubers The Smark Roomates gifted this clip to us for WrestleMania, and I’m the saddest girl in the world for not seeing it sooner. I mean, if you think I haven’t been sitting here all day, bobbing my head and quietly saying RO-MAN REY-YAINS to myself as I write, you are the most wrong. I dare you to not do the same thing next Monday night when the guy with the wettest hair comes down the aisle during Raw.