Ron Funches Has An Amazing Idea For A Pro Wrestling-Themed Cartoon

If you follow standup comedy, or Comedy Central programming at all, you are probably aware that genuinely hilarious comedian Ron Funches is possibly pro wrestling’s greatest ally and ambassador. He’s a fixture at PWG and other Southern California indie wrestling shows, and he often uses his appearances on @midnight as thinly-veiled excuses to get wrestling jokes onto basic cable.

Funches stopped by Conan O’Brien’s show to talk about his stuff he has coming out on the Seeso streaming platform, but Conan also gave him an opportunity to publicly pitch his concept for a wrestling/politics cartoon called Squashed. And I’m already all-in on it.

“Ooh, I’d love to tell you guys about [my idea], because it might force them to make it. [It’s] not in production yet; if you want to see a cartoon of mine, please tweet politely at Seeso, tell them that you want to see it. I’m making a cartoon, basically, in a world where wrestling is real, and it controls our entire political landscape. The President is also the best professional wrestler, so I’m really just kind of taking this election to its logical conclusion.

“It’s called Squashed, which is a fun wrestling term, if you know about wrestling. If you don’t, you’re probably like, ‘That’s just a funny title anyway.’ Again, tweet at Seeso.”

That … sounds … awesome. Seeso is quietly compiling a lights-out arsenal of fun and very offbeat programming, and the stuff they already have on there is definitely worth the four bucks a month, if you like comedy. And that’s before Squashed even actually exists as a thing!

Anyway, if Seeso doesn’t want it, maybe WWE Network can put it into production and then FINALLY GIVE US THE REST OF THE GODDAMN CAMP WWE EPISODES. Just a thought.