Ronda Rousey Taught Ellen How To Mean Mug, And Explained The Difference Between MMA And Pro Wrestling


It’s true, Ronda Rousey wasn’t at Raw last night, even though WWE had said she’d be there every week until WrestleMania. But if one of the reasons to bring her in was to get the company more mainstream attention, she seems to be fulfilling that role with an appearance on Ellen on Tuesday.

Rousey tried to teach world’s nicest person Ellen DeGeneres to make her trademark “angry Ronda” face, and helpfully explained the change from UFC fighter to WWE Superstar to the host, who was open about her bafflement at the distinction.

Ronda goes on to describe WWE as “a live TV show about a wrestling tournament, in which everybody does their own stunts,” which is easy for folks like us to nitpick — ‘tournament’ is definitely the wrong word, and she didn’t bother to mention her main point, which is that it’s a fictional story — but it does go some length toward explaining the deal to a normal person like Ellen DeGeneres.

Ronda talks about her excitement at being in WWE, and how she’s part of a team for the first time in her life, which seems like a healthy perspective for a wrestling newcomer. They hype her WrestleMania match, although they don’t really get into explaining what the match actually is (imagine trying to explain to Ellen how reality and fiction work when it comes to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon). Ronda also revealed the secret to the only acting trick she knows: how to make a mean face by looking through her eyebrows.