All The New WWE Superstar Ring Gear From The Royal Rumble, Ranked


The Royal Rumble has come and gone, but its implications will play out … well, until WrestleMania, which is literally the whole point. Here at With Spandex, we’ve crunched the numbers, discussed the various surprises, and tried to figure out who’s sticking around, and who might just be visiting.

But there’s one very important thing we haven’t discussed: the clothes! Any big PPV is an opportunity for the various WWE Superstars to show off new gear and change up their aesthetic, in ways that often last long beyond the show in question. I’m not talking about the returning legends who have their own choices to make in how to present themselves after a long absence (although props to Rey Mysterio for not wearing jeans), but about the Superstars we see all the time who decided to do something new.

So here, in ascending order of how much they won me over, are 15 new looks from the two Royal Rumble matches. NOTE: I’ve only got one pair of eyes, so it’s possible I missed something or included something somebody’s worn somewhere before, but these are the looks that looked new to me.