R-Truth Explained Why He Hasn’t Been On WWE TV For Months

WWE Raw Superstar R-Truth hasn’t graced your TV screen with his patented “WHAT’S UP” shenanigans for the last several months. Older WWE superstars like R-Truth aren’t necessarily on TV every week anyway, so missing an episode of Raw here and there usually isn’t cause for concern, but in Truth’s case, it’s been a while.

When we last saw R-Truth, he was feuding with his former tag team partner, Goldust. Goldust attacked Truth, as tag team partners are wont to do as an avenue to return to singles competition, but for whatever reason WWE scrapped the angle with R-Truth while teasing some interesting stuff with Goldust … which unfortunately also never went anywhere.

Apparently, R-Truth got tired of people asking where he’s been over the last few months, so he took to Twitter to let fans know what their favorite rapper-turned-wrestler-turned-rapper has been up to.

R-Truth was never released, so him recovering from injury was always the most logical answer to his whereabouts. In a Periscope stream on Saturday, R-Truth went into detail on the particulars of his injury, and it does not sound pleasant.

“I’ll be back on Raw soon,” Truth said. “I’m going in Monday again for surgery on my shoulder, so I’ll be rehabbing to get back to it.” R-Truth went on to reveal that he actually has a bone in his shoulder that is “trying to come out.”

“It’s been dislocated so many times, I have a bulging bone that’s in my shoulder that’s trying to come out. It’s trying to come through my shoulder so they need to take it out.”

While R-Truth was probably joking about the “trying to come out” part, he did show his shoulder on the Periscope stream that you can find below. Surprisingly, the bone in his shoulder actually does look like it’s trying to come out. R-Truth didn’t give a timetable for his return, but if he’s just getting around to the surgery on Monday, it doesn’t sound like you can expect him back on WWE Raw for quite a while.