All The Reasons We Love WWE Superstar R-Truth’s New Music Video

07.27.16 3 years ago 6 Comments

WWE Superstar R-Truth just released a new music video, and I feel that it really deserves an extensive breakdown into a serious musical critique. That’s gonna have to come from someone else, however, because that’s not how we do it at With Spandex.

We deeply appreciate all of the more ridiculous aspects of pro wrestling extra-curricular activities, whether it’s every commercial The Undertaker ever made, or former WWE legend (for all the wrong reasons) Cameron and her tour de force ‘Bye Bye’. ‘I Be Like’ and the accompanying music video might make us love R-Truth even more than that time he freaked the f*ck out over Natalya’s cats. Well … almost.

The actual quality of the song is heavily debatable, but again, that’s for people who are smarter and care more than us. The video is almost low-key terrible enough to be forgettable, but there are enough highlights that it loops around to wonderful. I mean, he’s not dry-humping the walls of a bank lobby, but we do get a lot of close-ups like this:

I’m absolutely in love with the idea that he just has framed photos of match graphics and exclusives. Do you think he has a digital photo frame of this GIF?

God I hope so.

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