Rusev Has A Bone To Pick With Shane McMahon’s ‘WWE 2K18’ Rating

There are few (if any) current WWE Superstars more entertaining or endearing than Rusev. The Bulgarian Brute entertains us on the regular on WWE television, whether it be via his weekly celebrations of Rusev Day on Smackdown Live, or via his constantly being befuddled by his wife Lana on Total Divas.

Some of the most entertaining Rusev moments of the past couple of years have centered on the WWE 2K series. This year, his unboxing video for the special edition of 2K18 sent to him by his good friend John Cena was maybe the most brilliant moment a Superstar has had on social media … maybe ever. And last year, he griped at length about Sami Zayn receiving a higher rating than him in 2K17.

This year, Rusev is at it again. During a bit of playing the game with SPORF, which we think is the puppet cat from “Too Many Cooks,” Rusev again took umbrage with his rating … because it’s the same as Shane McMahon’s. He’s got a legitimate point here! (He’s also still upset about Sami Zayn, for the record.)

“How can an undefeated Superstar for a whole year, go on to face John Cena at WrestleMania on freaking tank be rated 84? And Sami Zayn, who weighs 180 pounds, shaves his abs with a razor, can have a higher rating than me? And also Shane McMahon is what, 84? He wrestles once a year? Oh so he does stunts?

“The only other realistic rating is Vince McMahon, who has 74, ’cause he sucks.”

Ratings in video games are silly, especially because of the heated debate they inspire among fans and athletes alike. Grousing about player ratings in NBA 2K and Madden is basically a cottage industry at this point. But in this case … I think Rusev is right to be angry. He’s a full-time wrestler in WWE and has had stretches of dominance over the past few years. Shane McMahon is a 47-year-old executive who wrestles once or twice a year.

There’s only one way to settle this: Shane McMahon vs. Rusev at WrestleMania 34. Winner gets a higher rating in WWE 2K19. Let’s do it.