Rusev Was Not Pleased To Learn Sami Zayn Has A Higher Rating Than Him In ‘WWE 2K17’

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10.11.16 11 Comments

After months of slow and steady rollouts and reveals and announcements, WWE 2K17 finally comes out on Tuesday. You may remember a little while ago that we reported on the limited edition NXT version of the game that comes with all sorts of exclusive goodies. On Monday, WWE put out this very fun video of Rusev and Lana doing an unboxing of the special edition. Well, more accurately, Lana unboxes it while Rusev plays the video game and interjects very Rusev-ish comments.

Pretty clearly the highlight of the whole thing comes at the 1:19 mark, when Rusev suddenly plows through what Lana is saying to holler about Sami Zayn having a higher rating than him in the game. As he puts it: “Sami Zayn is 87?! Are you kidding me? And I have 86. How is this even … who is responsible for this? Joe’s got more than me? I’m over this.”

Look at this man. This is the face of a man in utter disbelief.


Rusev is currently in a feud for the United States Championship that will culminate in a Hell in a Cell match. Sami Zayn followed up being his arch-rival Kevin Owens by watching Owens win Raw’s top championship while he sadly skanks to the ring to beat Curtis Axel with the help of a guy who is going to ditch him so hard when someone finally tells him he’s eligible to compete in the cruiserweight division.

So we ask you: who is the TRUE 87 here? We believe it to be Rusev. Search your heart. You know it to be true.

Samoa Joe having a higher rating, though? Yeah; we’re totally fine with that.

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