Everything You Need To Know To Work Out Like A Pro Wrestler (And Actually Stick With It)

01.20.16 3 years ago 11 Comments

Former NXT star Ryan Nemeth wrote the book on fitness. Literally. Okay, well, he wrote a book, but for all intents and purposes this is the only one that matters. Reading about working out is usually more tedious and exhausting than actually doing it, but Hardbody: How To Be One turns the standard fitness formula on its head. Also, it’s got at least one picture of a very cute dog. Uh, spoiler, I guess.

Some of you may know Ryan Nemeth as that hot young Briley Pierce, FCW/NXT Superstar. You may also know him as WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler’s brother, personal trainer to With Spandex favorite Clark Duke (amongst others), that dude who was on Best Friends one time, or that guy who wrote a fitness book and is way into sharks (but not in a weird way; we’re pretty sure it’s not in a weird way).

When I started Hardbody: How To Be One, I put it down exactly twice: once to go to the bathroom, and once to switch the room I was reading it in. The book contains a series of personal essays from some of your favorite pro wrestling stars across TNA, WWE, and independent wrestling. The book isn’t strictly Mason Ryan talking about how much he hates workout gloves and Planet Fitness, however. The book takes an autobiographical tone, leading you through Nemeth’s journey to becoming a pro wrestler, then finding success and personal fulfillment beyond WWE. The voice Nemeth writes in is engaging and unique, and staggeringly positive throughout. Whether you’ve picked it up because you want to learn how to get in shape, or you just want to see what The Miz and Max Landis have to say, you’re guaranteed to find something you can connect with in this book.

Nemeth took some time out of his busy training and improv schedule to tell us a little bit about his approach to fitness, and give his very best tips on how even you — nay, especially you — can start your journey to becoming a real life Hardbody.

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