Ryback Accused John Cena Of Having No Balls, The Ultimate Wrestling Burn

In the pantheon of professional wrestling — more than a century old and counting — fewer insults carry more weight than accusing one’s opponent of not possessing testicles. It’s a technique frequently used by WWE Superstar and walking meme John “Hit The Trumpets” Cena, who frequently takes a perverse pleasure in emasculating his opponents by informing them that, dear sir, you may think you possess a pair of testicles, but in fact, you do not, and occasionally they are actually residing in the purse, handbag or general possession of someone else in close proximity. In short: Them’s fightin’ words.

However, the tables have been turned on this, the darkest of days, by none other the man formerly known in WWE as Ryback and still known as Ryback on the independent circuit, as he was let go from WWE nearly one year ago. On the latest episode of his podcast, Conversations With The Big Guy, he once again shared his opinion on Cena. Spoiler: He’s not a fan.

“I feel, and I wish I was even higher than I was when I did what I did because I always wished somebody in Cena’s position would stand up and actually have the balls to do things right. And if you love [pro] wrestling, you say, ‘stand up for the [pro] wrestlers.’ But he hasn’t and he never will because it’s all about the money.”

RIP John Cena’s balls. Also, this isn’t anywhere close to the first time Ryback has taken shots at the Face Who Runs The Place since he left WWE: First, he blamed Cena for nerfing the Nexus angle, then he straight-up called him “a piece of sh*t” and “poison to the wrestling industry.” I wonder when Ryback will tell us how he really feels, though?

But seriously: Despite Ryback’s constant ability to interject himself into something he is no longer a part of, his broader point of how pro wrestlers are treated in WWE (as independent contractors responsible to cover the bulk of their expenses) is valid:

“For publicly traded companies, I think [pro] wrestlers should be employees with benefits and company health insurance. I don’t think wrestlers should be independent contractors when they are told what to do and when to do things. Why should they buy their own health insurance when they’re working for a company that’s publicly traded. That’s my opinion.”

See, Ryback? You can make a point without insulting someone’s genitals! Your therapist will be proud of your growth this week.

(h/t 411Mania)