Ryback Thinks Chris Jericho Has Less Than A Year Left In His Wrestling Career

It’s been a few years since we’ve seen Ryback in televised combat sports — in that time, he’s allegedly turned down offers from Lucha Underground and Bellator — but that’s not stopping The Big Guy from weighing in on hot topics regarding the squared circle. Heck, he even predicted that WWE would have women main event WrestleMania way back in 2017!

This time, Ryback has his sights focused on All Elite Wrestling, and specifically, le champion himself, Chris Jericho. On the latest episode of his Conversations With The Big Guy podcast, Ryback gave his unfiltered thoughts on Jericho’s current condition, and let’s he didn’t mince words (transcription via WWFOldSchool):

“I think physically and I look at the show and I ask myself whether Chris Jericho has another year in him. I don’t know because he is going hard in life and this is at the end of him going hard his entire career. Chris Jericho’s body has altered within the last six months in my opinion. The guy is a fucking legend, but the stress he is going through, at this stage of his career they have put everything on his shoulders with not a lot of surrounding pieces as far as what he has achieved in pro wrestling.

Jon Moxley is great, but none of us have had the tenure that Jericho has and the longevity and you look at the guy’s body to me it looks like his body is starting to break down now. He held it together for so long and still looks physically amazing and he can still go, but you don’t want to keep that stress on him for a long period of time because you want to get more out of him because he has a lot on his shoulders.

He is the man, I love Chris. I just bought some of his ‘Bubbly’ but you need to give the guy some help with the pieces that they do have.”

Chris Jericho’s run as AEW’s youngest world champion certainly has been one of the high points of Dynamite thus far, but the guy is turning 50 this year, and he’s plenty busy outside the ring, too. How much longer can the GOAT keep going? I guess we’ll have to keep tuning in every Wednesday night to find out.