Ryback Turned Down A Lucha Underground Contract After Leaving WWE

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12.11.17 7 Comments

It might be hard to believe, but Ryback has now been gone from WWE for over a year. In his time since leaving the company and picking up work on the independent scene, he’s been one of the most outspoken wrestlers in the entire world, never afraid to voice his opinion or spill some tea.

Not too long ago, Ryback shared a great story about Vince McMahon thinking he was too fat to wear anything but a singlet, and sang the praises of one Roman Reigns. Oh, and he also took shots at John Cena and suggesting Cena doesn’t have any balls. Our basic point is that the Big Guy finds ways to keep busy, and we don’t necessarily mind it when he shares his various bon mots.

On the latest episode of Ryback’s Conversation with the Big Guy podcast, the titular big guy talked about enjoying life on the indies, but also spoke at length about Lucha Underground, which of course has finally confirmed that it will return for a fourth season.

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