Ryback Revealed When His Beef With CM Punk First Started

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07.18.17 13 Comments

It’s been entire days without a Ryback story, and we apologize for not giving you your fix. But we’re here now, so everything should be okay.

Everyone knows that Ryback and CM Punk have a longstanding history of pretty bad blood. The two have been sniping at one another publicly ever since they were both with WWE, but things kicked into another gear after Punk left town forever, with nary a Boogie Woogie Man to help salve the loss. Since Ryback left WWE himself, the situation has cooled a bit, with The Big Guy thinking about getting into MMA himself, and Ryback and Colt Cabana facing off on the indies in a cheeky “CM Punk on a pole” match.

We’re kind of surprised it took this long, but Ryback finally got around to telling the story of how he and Punk first got to be at odds with one another. On a recent episode of his Conversation with the Big Guy podcast, Ryback spilled the beans. As you might expect, the blood feud began due to … arm gestures. (Transcript via Wrestling Inc.)

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