Ryback Wore A Singlet In WWE Because Vince McMahon Thought He Was Fat

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11.01.17 9 Comments

Boy, it’s been a while since we’ve thought about Ryback, hasn’t it? It genuinely feels like months since we’ve reported on some Ryback quote or opinion or another. Well, surprise to me and surprise to all of you as well: it’s been a little less than one month since we had a story about the Big Guy.

One thing that may be good or bad, depending on your opinion of news and HOT GOSS, is that Ryback’s nuclear-hot takes and scorched-earth spilling of tea has really cooled off as of late. These days, his takes are more along the lines of “I like Roman Reigns” and “I don’t think Enzo Amore going to 205 Live is a promotion.” So apologies if you’re yearning for the days of him referring to John Cena as “poison.”

Maybe the Big Guy is settling down now that he’s been gone from WWE for months, because his latest reveal is more of the “oh, that’s pretty funny” variety than the “wow, he’s extremely angry” variety. To wit, it turns out that Ryback’s signature WWE look for the majority of his run was owed to Vince McMahon thinking he was fat. Which is pretty funny if you’ve ever looked at Ryback.

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