Samoa Joe Claims Shinsuke Nakamura Dislocated His Jaw At NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II

SummerSlam weekend has almost concluded, but it appears WWE can’t get out of the Barclays Center fast enough, given how many of their main event talents sustained injuries over the past 48 hours. First, Brock Lesnar split open Randy Orton’s head, requiring 10 staples to close. Plus there are reports of Sasha Banks nursing a back injury from her match against Charlotte and Finn Bálor injuring his right shoulder against Seth Rollins, neither of which have been confirmed but are currently being wildly speculated upon.

One more injury to add to the list, though, came at the conclusion of NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II, when Shinsuke Nakamura dethroned Samoa Joe to take the NXT Championship. The match ended after Nakamura hit Joe with two consecutive Kinshasas, the first of which appeared to legitimately injure the then-champ, as he immediately signaled to the ref and began cradling his jaw. Now, Joe has broken his silence, commenting:

Many are speculating that this is just a storyline injury, but for now, we have to take the man at his word.

The next set of NXT tapings isn’t scheduled until September 15, so that should give Joe plenty of time to heal up — that is, unless he is getting called up to the main roster before then, which seems like a strong possibility given the abrupt end to his NXT Championship reign.