NXT’s Sawyer Fulton Has Been Released From WWE

It seems WWE isn’t done with its fall releases for this year. First came Emma, Summer Rae, and Darren Young last weekend. And now we learn of an NXT release, although it’s not of someone we’ve seen on TV lately. According to his Twitter account, WWE has let Sawyer Fulton go.

You may remember Fulton as the original big man of Sanity. The faction debuted in October 2016 as part of the Dusty Rhodes Classic, with a tag team match in which Fulton and Alexander Wolfe (and eventually Eric Young and Nikki Cross) beat the living hell out of Tye Dillinger, while his cowardly tag partner Bobby Roode fled the ring. It’s always weird to be reminded of how different wrestling storylines were just a year ago, right?

Unfortunately for Sawyer Fulton, he had to be written off TV in November 2016 due to an arm injury. When I say “written off,” Sanity weren’t doing a lot of talking yet, so they mostly just dismissively through Fulton’s jacket on the ground in a manner that made some viewers (or at least me) suspect they might have eaten him for dinner.

In any case, Fulton was replaced in the chaotic faction by Killian Dain (the former Big Damo). Dain quickly began to seem like an instrumental part of the group—and the giant teddy bear that Nikki Cross hugs when she’s feeling antsy—so it became harder to imagine Fulton finding a place in Sanity if he returned.

But now Sawyer Fulton is off to his future endeavors, and seems to be in good spirits about it, based on his tweet. His twitter bio also says “You may remember me from the hit TV show NXT,” which is pretty endearing as Simpsons references go. You can watch Sanity’s debut, which in retrospect is almost certainly Sawyer Fulton’s most memorable NXT moment, below.