Scott Dawson Gave An Unforgettable Farewell Speech To The NXT Universe

It’s okay to admit it: The Revival are big damn deals now. The tag team made their debut on Raw, and Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder quickly got down to the business of breaking Kofi Kingston’s ankle. Tye Dillinger and Shinsuke Nakamura made their debuts over on Smackdown, and the future of NXT is officially now.
All four men had their official-unofficial farewell to NXT over the past week at a handful of live events. When the tour rolled into Concord, North Carolina on Saturday, and the team of Dillinger and Nakamura defeated the odd pairing of Dawson and NXT Champion Bobby Roode (with Wilder at ringside for the heel team), Dawson capped off the show with a spectacular promo, which he’s doing with wonderful regularity now.

After setting the ground rules that all the NXT fans have to go back to hating the Revival’s guts after the show, Dawson launched into an amazing farewell speech that encapsulated his entire career to this point. Two Carolina boys started out in NXT with no hype, no vignettes, no video packages, no gimmicks (and of course, no flips), and through sheer, god-given talent and skill, they by god made it. Maybe the wrong team got named DIY. No, never mind. Strike that.

Dawson also singled out Performance Center head trainer Matt Bloom, and said the fans can be happy for them, but they should be even happier for the future of professional wrestling in general. Watch the speech for yourself and realize all over again that Scott Dawson is the absolute goods:

Forget “Scott Dawson for world champ,” I’m ready to hop on the “Scott Dawson for President” bandwagon. We could all use a commander-in-chief that goes hard all day and all night, to say nothing of saying “yeah.”