Scott Steiner Always Has Time To Trash-Talk The People He Hates In Real Life

Scott Steiner is fundamentally one of the most entertaining people in the history of professional wrestling. Granted, the “entertaining” part hasn’t always been for “pro wrestling” reasons. But the fact remains! Pretty much any time the guy opens his mouth (especially when it isn’t on television) you should probably hang out and see what he’s about to say. That’s just some simple math.

I regret to be pleased to inform you that Scott Steiner is at it again. This week, Big Poppa Pump was on a media conference call that was touted as being UNCUT and UNCENSORED, because that’s just a disclaimer Steiner should probably wear as a T-shirt at all times. He made sure to run down everyone he hated in pro wrestling, including Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Dixie Carter, and Hulk Hogan.

Here are just some highlights (via Wrestling Inc.)

“I mean, [Dixie Carter] is a joke. She was basically a pain [in the butt]. Talked the truth about Hogan. She dropped the case and we’ll see what happens. It’s not over.

“ … The first change [pro wrestling] should make is getting rid of Stephanie McMahon and Hunter McMahon, because they’re two idiots who are running the whole place up there. It’s like, I feel sorry for the wrestlers nowadays. They’ve got to follow the instructions of these two idiots that clearly don’t know what they’re doing. They’re not watching because the ratings are down, and the reason why I call him Hunter McMahon is because she obviously wears the pants.

” … You have the tapes, [Hulk Hogan is] racist. You know what you’ve got to go watch is, go Google it, is when he was on the [witness] stand with a stupid-ass bandanna. What kangaroo court allowed a guy to testify with a bandanna on, but then he talks about the size of his penis? It’s hilarious. I mean, I don’t have to say it, he humiliated himself. I don’t care anything about Hulk Hogan, he’s a piece of garbage.”

The guy really doesn’t hold anything back, does he? I hope I never get a chance to interview Freakzilla, because he’ll probably push me backwards in my chair, call me a nerd, and insult my writing ability. And he’s right to do so. He’s right on the money.