Scott Steiner Didn’t Watch WrestleMania This Year Because ‘F*ck The WWE’

Noted restaurateur Scott Steiner is back in the news lately, thanks to his big surprise return at Impact Wrestling recently. (Rick Steiner has also been in the news, but his story is a bit more nuanced.) Big Poppa Pump has been on the outs with WWE for some time, even getting banned from the Hall of Fame ceremony in 2015. Possibly due to death threats he made against Hulk Hogan.

Look, the short version is that Scott Steiner has lived quite a life, alright? At any rate, it seems like there’s very much still bad blood between Steiner and WWE, and it’s not just because he got left out of WWE 2K17. Well, it’s probably not just about that, anyway.

Steiner recently gave an interview to Nick’s Strength and Power, a bodybuilding channel on YouTube. Nick made the mistake of (or lucked into, depending how you’re choosing to look at it) asking Steiner about whether he checked out NXT at the Arnold Classic, which led Scott into airing some grievances, beginning with “F*ck the WWE.”

So to recap, he hates WWE because of who’s in charge, thinks Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are the two biggest douchebags (I think in general, since he didn’t specify a context), and speculated that Ric Flair’s statue is probably in Triple H’s house. Then he closed by referencing the ubiquitous Stephanie-Macho Man rumors. Really ran the gamut in under a minute, there.

Welcome back to wrestling, Scott!