Seth Rollins And Roman Reigns Made A Special Needs Fan An Honorary Shield Member


After three years of fans hoping for a reunion, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose finally got The Shield back together last year for one episode of Raw before Reigns got sick and plans had to be scrapped.

We may never know what the full plan was for The Shield’s reunion tour, but Kurt Angle and Triple H taking Reigns’ place was definitely not it. It’s possible they’ll get the band back together again in the future, but as of now it seems like Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose (whenever he returns from injury) will go their own way for the foreseeable future — although Rollins continues to leave the door open.

Even though all three men have had great singles success outside of the faction, The Shield remains a fan favorite and whenever any combination of the three are together, folks get pretty excited about it. On Sunday night in Savannah, Georgia at a WWE Live event, Rollins and Reigns got together and made one special needs fan’s night when they made him an honorary member and did The Shield pose with him ringside.

Reigns pops over to visit with the fan first, giving him his gloves, and then, as Reigns visited with other fans ringside, Rollins pops over to say hey and realizes there’s an opportunity to do something really cool with the fan and calls Roman back over. You can see how excited the fan is as he gets ready to start off The Shield pose and it’s a reminder of how much good these guys do with the fans and going a little above and beyond to make someone’s night.