Shane-O-Facts: What You Don’t Know About Shane McMahon, WWE’s Prodigal Son

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Shane McMahon is back. After several years away, the no-longer-so-boyish Boy Wonder returned on Raw, and the response from the WWE Universe surprised pretty much everybody, including Shane. The return of the 40-something-year-old son of the boss being the hottest event along this year’s road to WrestleMania may sound slightly absurd, but Shane has always occupied a special place in fans’ hearts. Whether he’s taking 50-foot leaps off the Titantron or defiantly walking out on the family business, Shane has always done things a bit differently than the rest of the McMahon clan, both in front of and behind the cameras.

Put on your baggiest sports jersey, because here comes the facts Shane-O-Fans need to know…

Shane was beat up on and stuffed into lockers by wrestlers as a kid.

Posing for pictures like this might have contributed to the hazing. 

On January 15, 1970, Shane Brandon McMahon was born in Gaithersburg, Maryland, the town Vince and Linda McMahon had set up in while promoting WWWF events in Washington, D.C. for Vince’s father.

As you might expect, Shane was immediately enamored with the cartoonish, living action figure world of professional wrestling, and hoped he could become André the Giant’s tag team partner someday if he ate enough. Little kids are dumb, okay? As Shane got older, he started hanging around backstage and claims he became something of a “backstage mascot” for the wrestlers. According to Shane, the old-timers like Ivan Putski would stretch him, throw him in lockers and just generally kick the crap out of him. Hmm, that doesn’t necessarily match my definition of a mascot, but I guess you have to tell the boss’ son something to make him feel better as you’re stuffing his skinny ass in a broom closet.

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