Shane McMahon May Have Sustained A Multitude Of Injuries At Hell In A Cell

10.09.17 2 years ago 12 Comments

For only the second time in 2017, Smackdown Live commissioner Shane McMahon climbed through the ropes for a match inside a WWE ring at Hell In A Cell last night — and in case the name of the pay-per-view didn’t tip you off, McMahon was one half of the main event, which took place inside Satan’s structure. Just like the last time Shane-O-Mac stepped inside Hell In A Cell, the match ended up outside the cell, and more importantly, McMahon ended jumping off the whole dang thing.

Last year, he tried to murder the Undertaker, who moved at the last second, letting Shane smash into an announce table that was braced with an airbag. Last night, however, he tried to murder Kevin Owens, who was pulled off the table at the last second by Sami Zayn, letting Shane smash into an announce table that definitely did not look to be braced with an airbag. Here, watch:

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