Watch Shane McMahon Strap On A Motion Capture Suit To Play Himself In ‘WWE 2K18’

It’s been quite a wild ride for Shane McMahon since Vince’s only son made his big return to WWE last year. He’s jumped from the top of a Hell in a Cell at WrestleMania, he’s knocked himself silly at Survivor Series, he’s become commissioner of Smackdown Live (inexplicably), and the guy has even survived a damn helicopter crash.

As longtime fans know, Shane keeps his crazy-machine running by being extremely passionate about things. Things like shoes. And, as people like Cody Rhodes have pointed out, Shane is fervently dedicated to make sure that everything he touches is as authentic as possible. Which is why he insists on doing his own motion capture for video games.

To elaborate on Shane’s dedication to the video game craft, WWE and 2K took the Universe behind the scenes at the motion capture studio where Superstars throw on rubber frog suits and execute irresistible force against immovable inanimate objects. The result is pure Shane wonderfulness.

Shane-O-Mac’s children and future members of Mean Street Posse 2.0 have been getting more and more visible lately. They’ve been shown prancing next to Shane on his way to the ring against the Undertaker, they’ve been highlighted ringside as dad faces off against AJ Styles, and now his kids are encouraging dad to improve his character in WWE 2K18.

The Smackdown Live commissioner got to put in a lot of his own maneuvers, like his trademark swirly-bird kinda-punches and Rob Van Dam’s Coast-to-Coast. Unfortunately for Shane’s knees, he had to do the shooting star press five or six times — which is what it should take to overcome Kevin Owens, if we’re being honest.

Speaking of, the clip does show Shane going Coast-to-Coast on Kevin Owens, but here’s hoping there’s more in store for their big Hell in a Cell match. Like Kevin Owens attempting a Coast-to-Coast for himself, or Shane wrestling in the rubber frog suit from this video, or Shane’s kids all turning on him via ripping off their “here comes the money” jerseys and revealing KO attire.

We can dream, anyway.