Shane McMahon Is Having Handicap Matches Against Children To Prepare For The Undertaker

Unless someone steps in over the next few weeks and replaces him with Kurt Angle — do it, WWE — Shane McMahon is set to face The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania with the fate of Raw (and presumably the rest of the company) hanging in the balance. We’ve already seen Shane prep for the Deadman with a sh*tload of dips and Muay Thai training, and now, thanks to Twitter, we can see his secondary regimen: handicap matches against children.

In an interview with The Michael Kay Show, Shane mentioned that being able to perform in front of his kids — sons Kenyan, Declon and Rogan — was the driving force behind his return, and that they’d be in the crowd for the match at WrestleMania. He described giving your kids an experience like that as one of the most “rewarding things” you can do. Also rewarding: letting them dogpile you and beat the crap out of you after you’ve taken 30 knee strikes from Phil Nurse.

Let’s hope Shane’s appearance on Raw tonight begins with three little kids in druid robes jumping him from behind.

If you’ve been following Shane McMahon on Twitter, you know that he is pulling out all the stops as he trains to face The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell at WrestleMania. Shane is leaving little to chance as control of Raw — and in essence, WWE — hangs in the balance on April 3. He’s honing his striking attacks with MMA trainer Phil Nurse, building his strength and conditioning with former WBF competitor Jim Quinn, and even getting a refresher course in the art of hardcore from ECW Original Tommy Dreamer.

But before Shane-O-Mac graces The Grandest Stage of Them All, he’ll be coming to the Windy City for Raw. Now that his father, Mr. McMahon has publicly proclaimed that Shane’s inheritance is also on the line at WrestleMania, what’s going through the mind of WWE’s prodigal son? Did The Deadman’s cold reminder that Shane’s blood will be on his father’s hands inside Hell in a Cell resonate with The Boy Wonder? Regardless, you won’t want to miss when Shane’s Jordans hit the entrance ramp.