Shane McMahon Told A Story About The Time He Pissed Off The Undertaker’s Mom

05.09.17 12 months ago 7 Comments


Shane McMahon has a reputation for being completely fearless to the point of insanity, but he also has a reputation for knocking other wrestlers silly with those weird little punches he throws, which are essentially legit boxing strikes. They’ve gotten him in hot water with opponents like Chris Jericho in the past, but he once pissed off someone even more frightening when he gave Undertaker a black eye.

On the latest (clean) episode of Steve Austin’s podcast, Shane was talking about how he trains Muay Thai, rolls in BJJ with some of the Gracies, and does grappling training as well. Austin joked about Shane’s legendarily snug punches, and said Shane’s fists “produce more potatoes than the potato fields of Idaho.”

Austin then said he ran into Undertaker at one point last year and asked what happened to his eye, and Taker explained that Shane gave him a shiner. As a result, Shane caught hell from one person in particular.

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