Shawn Michaels’ New Drama, ’90 Feet From Home,’ Has A Trailer

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90 Feet From Home

When WWE legend Shawn Michaels showed up ahead of Crown Jewel a few months ago with a shaved head, he had to go on the E&C Pod Of Awesomeness to explain himself at length. As you may know from John Cena, wrestling fans don’t do a great job of dealing with changing hairstyles.

“Before this storyline started, I was doing a movie! I did this independent movie in Texas where I played a younger version with my hair and then I played an older version of me that got sick and everything else, so that’s why I ended up shaving it for the movie. And then, I get called in to do this thing, and I thought, ‘do you know what? Hunter has got his head bald. I’m just going to go ahead and leave it that way.’ And It was thinning up there anyway, man, and so it was better to just chop it all off.” Michaels added, “and now, it has gotten to where my wife likes it and [Edge and Christian] know the short stuff is much easier to manage.”

That Texas independent movie turned out to be 90 Feet From Home, which is a great convergence of all of my interests: pro wrestling, baseball, rural dramas, and anyone who was in the underrated martial arts classic Best of the Best. Also there’s a Superman in there! The description via IMDB:

A former, troubled Major League Baseball player returns home to confront his abusive step-father. Starring WWE Superstar Shawn Michaels, Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight), Allie Deberry (A.N.T. Farm), Steven Michael Quezada (Breaking Bad) and Dean Cain (New Adventures of Louis and Clark).

Check out your first look at the trailer below.

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