Sin Cara Has Chosen A New Ring Name To Honor A Lucha Legend

We were all pretty surprised this weekend when Sin Cara made a surprise return to AAA in Mexico, wearing the Sin Cara mask and using the Sin Cara name. While he had been recently released from WWE, after publicly asking for that release last month, that doesn’t change the fact that WWE owns the trademarks on the Sin Cara character. Not to mention, there’s supposed to be a 90-day non-compete clause that would keep him from working elsewhere until March of 2020.

Today it became clear that the former Sin Cara, whose real name is Jorge Arias, won’t be fighting with WWE over the Sin Cara name going forward. He’s announced on social media that he’s changing his name to Cinta De Oro. If you’re thinking that name sounds familiar, it’s because there was a previous Cinta De Oro, who was active in lucha libre in the ’80s and ’90s. He also trained Arias. The original Cinta De Oro passed away in 2016.

The new Cinta De Oro is seen here posing with the sons of the original, who have given him their blessing to take on their father’s ring name. They’ve also given him one of their father’s masks, which is what he’s holding in the photo.

As for the 90-day non-compete thing, we don’t really know the situation there, but after the name change it won’t be too surprising if Cinta De Oro II finds other things to do for the next couple of months and returns to the ring in March after all.