Sonya Deville Offered Advice For LGBTQ Fans Concerned About Coming Out

11.26.18 8 months ago 14 Comments


Sonya Deville shows a lot of promise as an up-and-coming WWE Superstar, even if she hasn’t been given nearly enough to do in her year on the Main Roster. Recent events at WWE Evolution and Survivor Series hint at a falling out between her and best friend Mandy Rose, which might lead to a face turn for Deville. That’s particularly exciting for those of us who are already inclined to cheer for her not only because she’s talented, but because she’s the only openly gay performer in WWE.

Sonya came out on television during the 2015 season of Tough Enough, which turns out to have been the first time she publicly came out at all. She tells that story, including Triple H’s reaction in the moment, in a recent interview with Sky Sports. She goes on to explain that even though it was a spur of the moment decision to be truthful about her sexuality, it turned out very positively for her.

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