Stardust Tried To Join The Justice League At Six Flags Over Texas

The media blitz for WrestleMania this weekend is officially in full swing. Between WWE superstars showing up at Dallas children’s hospitals to bring some smiles and Triple H meeting Henry Kissinger (yes, really), the entirety of the hype machine has descended on Dallas and shows no sign of stopping until the trucks leave town. And when in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, your trip isn’t really complete until you’ve hit Six Flags Over Texas.

Keeping this in mind, WWE sent a few people to the park: Zack Ryder, Emma, Eden Stiles, and Stardust. And before you ask, of course Stardust was in full costume and makeup. Here they are about to ride the Titan roller coaster.

As we all know, roller coasters are best enjoyed under the supervision of a licensed pro wrestling referee. But that’s not even close to the best part of the day. Someone made the colossal error of letting Stardust near the Hall of Justice at the Battle for Metropolis ride, and things went in exactly the direction you’d expect.

It’s no secret that Stardust doesn’t exactly get along with a certain archer on The CW, so this had to happen. And if we’re being honest, we’re never really going to get closure here until someone actually folds Stardust into the DC Comics universe. If anyone has Geoff Johns on speed dial, drop me a line and we’ll get this thing in motion. Anyway, Stardust was apparently under the impression that he was about to join the ranks of Batman, Superman, and any other characters Zack Snyder gets the chance to tarnish in the next few years. As awesome as that would have been, it’s not what we got.

Aw, that’s more depressing than Sad Keanu and Lonely Virgil combined. WWE, you have failed this theme park.