WWE’s Stardust And Stephen Amell Reignited Their Feud At Dallas Comic Con

Things got heated this past weekend when WWE’s cosmic Superstar Stardust interrupted a panel featuring his long-time rival, CW Arrow star Stephen Amell.

After attacking Stardust in the ring on an episode of WWE Raw, the two came to sanctioned blows last year at SummerSlam, with Amell and his tag partner Neville picking up the win. Not satisfied with the outcome, it looks like Stardust is angling for a singles match. Stardust doesn’t feel that a tag-team match is a good indication of how the two would fare one-on-one, and it seems the WrestleMania 32 match fans have been hoping for is inching toward reality.

Stardust even turned the panel into a family affair, replacing the moderator with wife, Smackdown announcer, and With Spandex Forever Crush Eden. If you think that led to any bias in her moderator duties, well…yeah. Duh:

True to the spirit of their feud so far, both Amell and Stardust used this as yet another opportunity to raise money for a good cause. The two both signed Amell’s Slammy award for 2015 Celebrity Moment of the Year so it could be auctioned off, with the proceeds going toward the medical care of young Elijah Mainville. You may know him as Stardust’s biggest fan and honorary Tough Enough winner Drax Shadow, who is battling an aggressive and rare form of pediatric cancer.

Though the feud between the two has some naysayers — most notably Stone Cold Steve Austin — it seems that the singles showdown between the WWE Universe villain and the DC Comics hero will continue in a charitable vein. If these two want to have big boy sparkle playfights in the name of helping others, then I’m pretty okay with whatever comes next.

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