Stephanie McMahon Says She’s ‘Sure’ Chyna Will Be A WWE Hall Of Famer

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Earlier this week, legendary WWE play-by-play man Jim Ross said it was “pretty damn clear” to him that late wrestling star Chyna belonged in the WWE Hall of Fame. Stone Cold Steve Austin has said she earned the right to be there. Triple H says her life and career “certainly warrant it.”

TMZ caught up to Stephanie McMahon on Thursday and talked to her about a number of topics — Shaq’s wrestling prowess, the possibility of WWE fans voting for Donald Trump, and Jon Stewart being awesome among them — including Chyna’s possible inclusion in the Hall. Stephanie’s quote:

“I’m SURE that we will see Chyna in the Hall of Fame at some point in the future. I’m not sure exactly what year that will be, but there’s no denying her contributions to WWE.”

This is the kind of thing they wouldn’t just come out and say right now; they’d want to announce and promote it as part of WrestleMania weekend, like they do with all of their Hall of Fame inductees. But if the McMahon family is saying she belongs in the Hall, that means she’s definitely getting in, doesn’t it?