Betting On WWE Survivor Series: Here Are Some Real And Made-Up Prop Bets

11.16.17 9 months ago

Calling all fantasy bookers, people who think they know exactly how WWE is going to book their shows, and gambling addicts! Whatever your poison, straight up “money line” action or prop bets, you can for-real bet on Survivor Series, and this post is going to give you the ins and outs of that. Rejoice: gambling on professional wrestling isn’t dead yet!

For the uninitiated (aka people responsible with their money, aka people who don’t like to have fun), gambling odds work like this.

Whatever is next to the – sign is generally the favorite and you must bet that much to win $100. Whatever is next to the + sign is the underdog and you win that much for betting $100. So for example, Brock Lesnar vs. James Ellsworth in a shoot match might look like this:
Brock Lesnar -5,000,000,000,000
James Ellsworth +10,000,000,000,000

So in order to win $100 by putting your trust in Brock Lesnar, you must be willing to risk 5 trillion dollars. Your life would be absolutely ruined if Ellsworth pulls this off. But you’d be the weirdest quadrillionaire in the galaxy if you put $100 on Carmella’s ex-boyfriend to pull off the upset and, ostensibly, becoming Carmella’s new boyfriend, again.

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